The Pros and Cons of Having a Pedestrian Walkthrough Garage Door
A recent craze in the garage door trends is installing a pedestrian
walkthrough. This is basically a normal sized door embedded into the full
garage door. The walkthrough allows you to access the garage without going
through the house. Walkthroughs were initially used in industries’ garages
to cut down on energy loss. They are, however, slowly slipping into the
household garages. They are especially common in houses where the garage is
located in the basement, where there isn’t enough room for a regular access
While it may be the new craze in town, pedestrian walkthroughs have both
advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of installing one on your
garage door repair, then this article should help you make the right decision.

The pros of pedestrian walkthroughs
Ease of access
If your garage is located in your house’s basement, then building a
conventional access door will be difficult. A walkthrough, in this case,
will allow you to enter and exit your garage without raising the whole
garage door or going through the house.
Energy saving
Having a pedestrian walkthrough can help cut energy costs. Rather than
having to open the whole garage door to get a shovel, the walkthrough will
come in handy. Opening the smaller door causes you to lose less heat as
well as power involved in lifting the larger door.
Power outages and mechanical failures of the garage door opening system can
inhibit your access to the garage. If you are constantly using the garage,
or perhaps it doubles up as your storage area or workspace, this can pose a
problem. Having a walkthrough will make it easier to access the garage even
when the garage door system has failed.
In areas with a higher building density, accessing enough side space for a
regular door can be a challenge. A pedestrian walkthrough, in this case,
would be very practical. It helps improve your privacy as opposed to
opening the entire garage door and have your belongings in view to anyone

The cons of pedestrian walkthroughs
Extra expense
Pedestrian walkthroughs do not come cheaply. Instaling a walkthrough on
your garage door can be just as expensive as installing an entire garage
door system. Unfortunately, garage doors do not come with this feature.
Installing them, therefore, doubles the price.
Extra security
Having a pedestrian walkthrough is simply another easier way for intruders
to get into the house. You will, therefore, have to invest in extra
security to ensure your home is safe.
If your garage door is an electric one, you will have to ensure that the
walkthrough is properly closed during operation. Closing and opening the
garage door when the walkthrough isn’t properly closed can inflict
potential damage to your garage door system.
Energy efficiency
Although the walkthrough will help reduce the amount of heat loss when
using it, it is an extra opening. Extra insulation will, therefore, be
required. The pedestrian walkthrough will have to be properly insulated as
well as have weather stripping installed so as to maintain its efficiency.

Whether or not to install a walkthrough will depend on what works best for