We constantly worry about our pets when we leave our homes for various reasons; it may be just for a short while or for a long time, but we always wonder what our pets will be doing and who is going to feed and take care of our pets. Some of the options left for pet owners in such cases is to either to hire a pet sitter or leave your pets at the pet boarding facilities.

Reasons Pet Sitters are better than Boarding

Pet boarding:

There are certain places and centres where you can leave your pets for a specified period, and they will take care of your pet. There are various types of facilities and accommodations where you can leave your pets while you are away.

Pet sitting:

Pet sitting is the process of professional pet sitters coming to your residence and taking care of your pets when you are gone. Some pet sitters come to your homes for a short while, make all the necessary arrangements and leave while other pet sitters stay in your house and take care of the pets the entire time.

While there are many options available for you to make arrangements to take care of your pets, it is always advisable to choose pet sitting over pet boarding, and the following are some of the reasons why you need to make such a decision:

Pets feel more comfortable at home:

Your pets will be happy with the place that they already know, and they will not feel much difference in their daily routine, and their habits will not be affected very much. They will miss your presence, but they will get used to it. But when you leave them in a place which is new to them, they will feel vulnerable and get scared of the environment. You might not be sure if they are comfortable in the new surroundings and again start worrying if your pet is doing fine.

Personal attention:

At a pet boarding facility, there may be many pets, and your pet might not get any personal attention. But a pet sitter exclusively makes an effort to take care of your pet when you are away. Pet sitters will provide their full attention to your pet and not get diverted. In pet boarding facilities there are many pets, and the caretakers will have to look after many pets, and thus the attention span towards your pet is reduced.

Spreading of disease or infections:

Sometimes the pets are made to sleep very close to each other in pet boarding facilities, and there are chances of contagious diseases spreading to your pet. When you hire a pet sitter to take care of your pet, you don’t need to worry about such issues.

Safe environment:

No other place is more reliable for your pets than your home. Your pets need not worry about a new setting. If you put them in a place where they are not comfortable, they might get depressed.