Steppin Out Pet Sitting Services

Welcome to Steppin Out Pet Sitting Services! We’re a family-owned company and are licensed and insured. We’re also members of Pet Sitters International.


Every dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Let’s walk and play with your dog to help them live to their fullest!


Don’t leave your pet alone all day! We’ll stop by to play with and feed your cat, pet, or caged pet and make sure they’re having a great day.


When you are away let your pet spend quality time with their favorite pet sitter! Experience secure, hassle-free at-home overnight care for your pet.




We offer special services for special pets! From puppy to senior pet care, we’ve got your tail covered.


welcome to steppin out pet sitting services

Steppin Out Pet Sitting was started by accident when my dog became sick. I had the luxury of being able to quit my job so I could stay at home and care for him when he needed me the most. During my stay at home I discovered by talking with other pet owners with similar situations that there was a demand for an alternative to the costly extended stay at a vet because of busy work schedule of the owner.



Our Pet Care Coordinators are standing by to book your pet walking or pet sitting service request by telephone, email or via our site.


Based on your needs we will do all the legwork and match the most qualified professional dog walker or pet sitter in your area to look after your pet.


For your reassurance, we schedule a free in-home consultation that you fulfill your dog walker or pet sitter and provide regular updates as you’re away.

Steppin Out Pet Sitting is available for all occasions.

1.Daily Pet Sitting

2.Overnight Pet/House Sitting

3.Weekend Pet Sitting

4.Vacation Pet Sitting

5.Pet Taxi Services

We provide all the necessities to pamper your pet. Our visits include:




4.Mail Pick Up

5.Home Security Measures


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