Cleaning your garage is one of those things that whenever mentioned typically elicits a few moans from the family and then hopefully gets, ironically, swept under the conversational rug. While it is something that nobody really wants to do, keeping your garage clean is not all that hard to do if you keep up with it and are smart about it. An organized and somewhat clean garage is a lot easier to keep that way, along with being a whole lot easier to enjoy the use of. A well organized garage door means that you and your garage door opener can use your garage how it is supposed to be used without any danger to one another.

Cleaning out your garage every week is probably not what you have in mind when it comes to a new chore on your already full list of things to do. However, you are in luck, if you do things right you could do a quick clean up job every season or even just twice a year really. Once you get a system in place it becomes pretty easy to make sure that thing stay in their proper place and don’t get too out of hand. A few ways keeping up with an organized garage can help are with general clutter and with the health of your garage door.

General clutter is pretty easy to figure out when it comes to keeping your garage area clean. If there is stuff laying around everywhere in piles and piled high then it is going to be tough to move around, let alone drag a broom through the debris that is your garage. Keeping your garage door repairs up to date though might take a tad more thinking on your part.

There are two main garage door repairs that need to be kept up to date when it comes to keeping your garage door clean, but any general repairs that inhibit the use of your garage are going to have obvious effects on how often and how well you can use your garage.

One of the big things that can hurt your cleanliness though is a screwed up garage door alignment. If you keep noticing that leaves or other outside debris is in your garage despite having recently swept or something take a look at the bottom of your garage door when it is fully closed. If there is a gap there then you might have an alignment problem that could be hurting your garage door opener as well as making your cleaning job a bit tougher. This is something you will definitely want to get looked at immediately before it gets worse. A professional should be able to diagnose and fix the problem relatively easily.

The other big problem that can lead to a messy garage is a garage door weather seal problem. If your seal isn’t connecting fully and it looks like it’s the problem of the weather seal then you are in luck. Weather seals are cheap and pretty easy to replace. The sooner you replace it the sooner your troubles with things blowing into your garage will be fixed.